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Concession Myki Card

I am an exchange student from America and I currenty am staying in Bringhton, and I would like to know if I could get a consession card so I could save money on the commute to and from school. I went to the myRMIT webiste and I checked the myServices tab and it stated that "Sorry, you are not eligible because you are not a citizen or permanent resident of Australia. See the eligibility criteria for discounted public transport". I am a full time student and I am part of a approved study abroad program so I wonder why it is saying that I cannot get a concession card. If you have any information please relpy to this post.


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Re: Concession Myki Card

Unfortunately a concession is not available for international students. There is something called an iUSEpass which means you get 50% off all transport but you have to purchase it for a full 6 month or 12 months. I have linked it down below for you