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Course inquiries and mapping

Hey RMIT peeps! I have a few inquiries and need help with the mapping of my course. Today, I've just completed Year 2 Sem 2 of my course and I'm off to my final year!

I was thinking since classes are online now, is taking a subject from OpenUni feasible? Will I be able to transfer credits to my course? I've been looking at taking ( this subject offered by Curtin on OpenUni. There's also subjects offered by RMIT on OpenUni but they are of no interest to me.

If it even is possible, I'm sure RMIT would need me to take at least 3 subjects from the university itself? The main reason why I'd like to take the course from OpenUni is because a subject like the one above is only $835 as opposed to the $4k I'm paying as an international student.


If you're also wondering the EX grade is from an Engineering course I dropped out off. 24 credit points are transferable to my current Accounting course.

Many thanks.