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Credit for previous studies and experience (RPL)

I am a new student at RMIT who has finalised the enrolment into a Master in Justice and Criminology.

I would like to apply for recognition of prior learning for studies and work experience but I am doubting about what courses I can consider as equivalent to match that experience and previous studies. As qualifications, I possess already an overseas Master'Degree in Law (but completed more than 10 years ago) considered equivalent to Bachelor Degree in Law (it should be  a 7 AQF award level) by the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport & Resources, Admission to practice in an overseas Jurisdiction, a Certificate IV in Community Services Work, a Certificate IV in Accounting and a qualification in Fundamentals of Human Resources. As work experience, I have been working for more than 10 years in Court as a Magistrate (in my home Country) and for more than 7 years in Community Services sector and Corporate Business Services (in Australia). 

I am really confused about how I can match my previous studies and experience against the courses for which I am seeking RPL. Anyone able to help out with this?