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Dance Class

Free dance classes run on weekday lunchtimes throughout semester if you are interested.

To join a dance class for semester 1, 2016 you must register online before your first class.

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Re: Dance Class

hi @hlchang Where is the class held? ie. which campus, and which room etc

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Re: Dance Class

Hi Michael


It is great to know that you are interested in dancing.


If you click on "Dance class", it will take you to the following page where you can choose the style you like to attend and you also have to register before you can attend by click on "register":


Free dance classes run on weekday lunchtimes throughout semester.

No experience? No worries! Our teachers will show you the basics, and help you learn the moves. We offer a different dance style for every day of the week and you can join in at any time throughout the semester.

Join a class

Dance classes are held at the City campus and are free to RMIT students and $40 for non-RMIT students. All classes are weekly and are for beginner and intermediate levels. To join a dance class for semester 1, 2016 you must register online before your first class.

City campus

Venue: All dance classes are held in Building 8, Level 3, Room 5, City campus (across from City Fitness).




Join a class

Salsa with a touch of bachata and tango!

Mondays from 29 February


RMIT student

Non-RMIT student

Latin American
Mixed styles including cha cha, samba, rumba.

Mondays from 29 February


The original dance of hip hop.

Tuesdays from 1 March

** IP Address **–1.30pm

Urban Choreography
Hip hop styled dance routines.

Thursdays from 3 March

** IP Address **–1.30pm

Expressive dance with technical aspects.

Fridays from 4 March

** IP Address **–1.30pm

After you have registered

  1. Arrive at class, get your name marked off and receive your very own Free Dance Class card.
  2. At the start of every class you attend, you must write your name down in our dance book and show your Free Dance Class card to the RMIT Link dance supervisor.
  3. Try the class, have fun and make sure you ask the teacher lots of questions. The class is for you to learn in an enjoyable environment, so go for it.


For more information email and to stay informed about all things arts and culturesubscribe to our email updates.

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Re: Dance Class

Hi Hlchang

I have some questions for the dance class


1.If I have interest in more than one class, can I attend all of them?


2.Is there any wearing rules or advice for dance class?


3.The hip hop class is the same day with RMIT clubs day. If want to go to clubs day, can I be abscent at the first class and attend the second one?


4.If I am RMIT English Worldwide(RMIT language school) student, can I still attend this for free? 


5.About the Urban Choreography, when dose it start?  

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Re: Dance Class

Hi Teresa


Thank you for your questions:


1. You are welcome to attend all if you are available, please click register and fill out online before attending;

2. I believe you can wear anything you feel comfortable with, just double check with your dancing teacher;

3 & 5. In reagrds to "The hip hop" class, I am not sure whether you meant "Breakdance" or "Urban Choreography". Since you mentioned that it is the same day as the Clubs Day, I assume that you meant "Urban Choregraphy". Please click "Clubs day" on Thursday, 3/3/16 (11am - 2pm) and click "Urban Choreography" to find out more information. It is on Thursday, 3/3/16 at 12:30 noon - 1:30pm. You can check with your Urban Choreography teacher to see whether you can skip class.

4. I believe if you are RMIT Student, you will be able to attend for free.

If you have any other question(s) please email


Good luck.


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Re: Dance Class


Are there any grils join in Urban Choreography? Or the boys are much more than girls in Urban Choreography?Smiley Surprised

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Re: Dance Class

Hi YaLin


Please email for more information. If you are interested in "Urban Choreography" , you should not be worry about more boys or girls.


Enjoy your dancing.




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Re: Dance Class

Hello Chang,

Is it possible to attend some of the weeks of these dance sessions?

And if I feel maybe embarrassed like I don't belong to the group of people, maybe if they find me funny for my appearance, does that mean I will only be comfortable with finding private tutors elsewhere instead of at rmit?

I am seeing if I could just try to help myself fix a bit of my fitness to improve my ability to perform outdoor practicals and physique for my geospatial course, have some better health and maybe some fun on the side.

I don't know how you opinionate of it, but I am fine if you agree that maybe I might cause other people to be amused or maybe suspicious/fear of me. I can't even believe I am asking.

Well Thanks for the offer, I'll wait for you some time to form your opinion.