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Diploma of Visual Art- Do I bring anything from home??

Hey! Next week i'm starting my diploma in Visual Art. I've got everything prepared, and I was wondering, do I bring an art diary? Or a display folder? I know they provide materials but I was unsure what I should bring from home. Thank you! Please reply, very important to me! ^___^

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Re: Diploma of Visual Art- Do I bring anything from home??

Hi @MissThea,


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Had a look at the course overview and i don't see anything related to what to bring to class.


The course coordinator may have added some information within the Blackboard which is where all your study material usally will live.


Another option would be to contact the School directly who should have that information, here is a link to the school of Arts contact page,


I hope this assists you find your answer!


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Re: Diploma of Visual Art- Do I bring anything from home??

Hi @MissThea - congratulations on your offer! I hope you enjoy your Orientation by the way, which will probably answer your question at the same time...


I gave the School a quick call for you, and the answer is: you can bring along an art diary if you wish, but it's not necessary, at least not in the first week. The individual teachers will go through it with you in the first week or so anyway.


Best of luck to you and I hope you enjoy your new program.

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