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Dropping a class

im a vocational student and I previously failed a class last semester but have re-enroled for it this semester. I am now wanting to drop it so i can do it next year since ive found my workload quite big. The census date is 31st of August and the last day to drop is 15th of September. When i click drop class it says i still might be liable for the fees, will i?

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Re: Dropping a class

@Ffaragherm Hi there,


Yah, you need to drop your class before the census day. So if you do it now, you will still get charged because the census day is over already.


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Tony Duan

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Re: Dropping a class

how though? it is only the 10th of August today and it says for the census date for that particular subject is the 31st of August?

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Re: Dropping a class



If the census date listed next to the course you want to drop has not yet passed then it can be dropped without financial liability.   I would recommend you contact your school before dropping or just login to the RMIT Connect portal in the link below and submit your enquiry to them - your full record will be looked at.  What program are you studying?


RMIT Connect Portal


I wish you all the best!