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Dynamic Fee Invoicing ! Have your previous modules for dental or other subjects been made void so you are overdue?

Hello,I have notified "RMIT Connect" of this but will take 10 days! to get back to me, and I think it is time critical for anybody affected. Could somebody, that is somebody that will follow through on this (as this is open to all staff it seems), please review this and speak to the department that can take action on this ASAP as it could mean many forced or choose to leave the course if that is how business is done here. It might be a problem with others too?Basically, from my understanding, last years course has been finalised. The due dates changed from the March invoice to the 20th May invoice and then drastically on the 23rd May invoice, all of a sudden they have made me overdue and probably want to charge me for that too!I have budgeted for the year based on earlier invoices. Is there a push to get everyone's fees earlier due to finance pressure of less overseas students?Its quite unreasonable considering we haven't set foot in RMIT for a few months.Sincerely,Michael C., Any comments, maybe group action?