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Enrolement Blocked

I haveattend to the registration day(23/2). I been told to login and enroll in the following day(24/2) But i couldn't login. however I was able to login on saturday but they said my enrolement is blocked, I can't add classes. my program starts on monday(27/2). What should I do? I'm international student.

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Re: Enrolement Blocked

Hi @s3652567, first of all, welcome to RMIT. If you haven't yet been able to enrol but you have attended Registration Day, it would be best to contact RMIT Connect (9925 5000) and Info Corner directly to get this fixed, assuming that the enrolment block is related to your registration. 


The wait times on the phone were about 12 minutes when I checked earlier this morning, I hope that's manageable.


Once you are enrolled, it will take 24 hours for the timetable system to populate with your courses, so until then please read the read-only timetables ( to find your class times.

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