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Enrolment confusion, please help me )-:

Hi everyone, 


I'm a new student at RMIT, studying Bachelor of Arts (Creative Writing) and I'm super confused about enrolment!

I was just wondering whether it was necessary to enrol to all three years of my program, and if I have to do this for every single semester I'm going to be studying and so on? 


Any help would be appreciated as I'm super oblivious and quite confused by the enrolment system as it seems complex to me, hahahahahahah




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Re: Enrolment confusion, please help me )-:

Hi Jacqueline


Welcome to RMIT! 


You only enrol for semesters 1 and 2 of 2017 - no one can enrol for 2018 yet.     Enrolment for 2018 opens in November 2017 - you'll need to get onto it between November and December after you have finished your first year. It's easy though if you are staying connected with RMIT - don't wory. 


Do have a read of your enrolment program structure and I hope you're able to  attend the information session today


Once you have enrolled you have a read through our What's Next page and the 2017 semester dates.



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Re: Enrolment confusion, please help me )-:

I should add that you can change your enrolled subjects up until basically the second week of semester - not that we recommend changing into subjects once you've started missing lectures/tutes/etc.

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