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Enrolment help

Hey guys,


Currently in the process for enrolling, I have the option to select classes to take for my first upcoming semester. I am doing a Bachelor of Computer Science (BP094) and have eight class options to choose from. However I am lacking calcification about which classes should be done first or even the recommended amount of classes to be undertaken per semester. I sent an email and haven't gotten a response yet, hoping someone might be able to shed some light on my predicament.






Re: Enrolment help

Hi Koby,


Great to see an other student getting in to Computer Science!

I would suggest looking at this page,

It gives you a good idea to which subjects you have to complete in your first year. Because you are enrolling mid-semester, not all courses are on offer most of the time. So it depends a bit of which courses are schedueled for next semester as to which ones you can take.


In general, always look at the detailled course guide and see if there are pre-reqs for the course you are interested in. For example, in order to enrol in "Advanced Programming Techniques" you should have completed "Programming Techniques".


You could always contact the School of Science for more information (


Good luck with your study!