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I was just wondering if I need to enrol into ALL the classes I will be taking in sem 1 2018 by the 18th of December 2017 5pm, or as long as i've enrolled in SOME is that ok? 


I am still deciding on my elective for next semester, but I have enrolled into my other sem 1 2018 classes already.


thanks <3 

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Re: Enrolment

Hi Julz,


Apologies that this response might be too late but hopefully it helps with your future enrolment.


In order to hold your place in your program and remain active, you need to be enrolled in at least one course by the last day to enrol. You can add more courses later as long as it's before the last day to add classes (search up "rmit important dates" to find it). 


However keep in mind that if you choose to enrol in courses at a later date, some courses may already be full. Or they may have spots left but certain timetable sessions may be full.