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Finding the email of a course coordinator

How do i find the email of the course coordinator for Bachelor of Communications (Public Relations)?


Re: Finding the email of a course coordinator

Hi @anita1,


The title you've provided is for a Program. You can generally find info by searching the course or program title/code on the RMIT website (results for that program info are below):

As there is no listed staff contact on the description page, you can contact the reception of the appropriate school and they should be able to help (in the case above: Media and Communication).

If you search a course code on the RMIT website, you should be able to find the coordinator's name, phone and/or email address on the course description page (course codes are usually in the format ABCD1234, eg: COMM2407).

If you're studying the course, you may also have a "Staff Contacts" link on the left-hand menu of your course blackboard.


Hope this helps you out!




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