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Fossil Free RMIT

Hey Fossil Free Supporters,


The RMIT Council recently agreed to new Responsible Investment Principles. These principles give the university a clear path to divestment! This is an amazing result. A policy framework now exists to ensure RMIT divests from fossil fuels.

We have to thank you. Support from the student and academic community at RMIT has been fundamental in our grassroots campaign.


Despite this institutional commitment to divestment, RMIT have yet to publicly announce this amazing milestone! This campaign relies on publicly announcing divestment in order successfully remove the social licence that fossil fuel companies currently hold. RMIT needs to send a clear message that fossil fuels are not part of a sustainable future.


Can you to send a thank you message to the Vice-Chancellor and University Council, to show your support and put pressure on the university to announce this amazing triumph?

We’re going to make a big deal about these new principles and we’d love your help. We don’t want to miss giving credit where credit is due so click here to thank the VC and council for acting in the interest of people the world over in setting the course for RMIT to divest.


Please visit this link for details: