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Founders Day 2015!

Hey everyone!

ITS have a booth at RMIT Founders day! (Today)
Come down Bowen St between building 6 and 3 until 4pm!

Free food and music!
Get info or have a chat about IT Services and score a free lollipop!

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Re: Founders Day 2015!

did you get a chance to try out the Oculus Rift?

Michael, Community Manager
RMIT, Information Technology Services
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Re: Founders Day 2015!

Gave it a rip! Was amazing!

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Re: Founders Day 2015!

Wish I had seen this whilst I was in the City today.  I would have crawled over broken glass for a go on Oculus Rift.   I wonder how much money I am going to need for an HTC Vive?