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General first aid facility on campus (e.g. asthma attack)

Hi everyone,


We work in the School of Engineering in Building 5. One of our team recently had a mild asthma attack and had unfortunately forgotten his inhaler (he is a 'new' sufferer). Due to the growing number of asthma sufferers in Melbourne, we feel that critical locations on campus should have a Ventolin inhaler, as it is relatively cheap, readily available without prescription & is easy to administer.


In this particular case, one of our team (not the sufferer who was obvoiusly immobile from coughing) ran to several points of call, e.g. Security Office in Building 5, Chem Store in Building 3 & the Construction Site Office in Building 5. No one was able to help. Furthermore, to our alarm, the Security Office staff were extremely dismissive and effectively washed their hands of the whole event, providing no suggestion as to other potential points of call. This is not safe, nor is it team behaviour, nor is it nor is it aligned with our values as an organisation.


We'd like some feedback on this as soon as practical, mostly because we are heading full speed into peak allergy season.


Thank you,

Team in 5.3.33.