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Google Takeout Services

Putting this here because I am slightly annoyed the Google Takeout isnt activated for student accounts.

Google Takeout is a service that allows you to "check out" all of your Google Services account data in one go.

It is provided for free under the Google Education Apps Service:

It currently isn't active, for "reasons". (Apparntly it is currently being considered by ITS as a business decision).

Thats my take on it. Posting here so that people can discuss their opinions also.


Re: Google Takeout Services

Hi @AmySoyka
Thanks for posting!


The Google Takeout service does look pretty interesting and could potentially have a convenient use when folks finish up at RMIT (migrating data from an RMIT account to a personal - depending on sensitivity of the data, of course).
Upon checking, RMIT doesn't currently have the service as its not currently part of our Google Agreement.

We occasionally add additional services and features (Hangouts, YouTube, etc) and user feedback is a part of that. It'd definitely be interesting to hear if others think this might be a useful addition!







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Re: Google Takeout Services

On a side note - I had heard that Google is replacing Hangouts with a new service called 'Spaces' (which is basically the Google version of Slack). Might want to keep an eye on that incase you need to update to it. Smiley Wink