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How do I view my private messages in myCommunity

You may find that your receiving emails to your registered email address about receiving private messages but your not quite sure where to locate these private messages on myCommunity. We have included a guide below to help you locate your private messages. You can use this email function to receive an send private messages to other members of myCommunity. 


1. When logged in and you have received a private message, your slide out menu icon will have a digit with the number of emails you have received. 




2.  Click on the slide out menu and select message




3. You will then be able to access your email inbox, sent messages and compose a new message.


Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 9.59.35 am.png


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Re: How do I view my private messages in myCommunity

Hello Rmit Community,

Today, I can not access to Blackboard. I received this message like this:

Unknown user: s3500664

For reference, the Error ID is 30020546-0b8d-4950-9aa8-c008e57c5b93.