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Indigenous Studies Electives - Semester 2 2017

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Do you want to expand your cultural awareness of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and contemporary perspectives on Indigenous issues?

Electives from the Indigenous Specialisation offer you a rich, dynamic, thoroughly researched and structured learning experience taught by leading Indigenous and non-Indigenous academics with expertise across a range of fields.


Offered in semester 2 are:


Indigenous Studies
Indigenous Policy
Environment and Culture:Ecological and Aboriginal understandings of Country


In these courses you will learn about the cultural, historical and contemporary frameworks that have shaped the lives of Indigenous peoples in Australia and globally. You can view course guides and semester dates via the student electives page and enrol via Enrolment Online.


If you complete four Indigenous Studies electives you will receive a formal acknowledgement on your academic transcript. 


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Re: Indigenous Studies Electives - Semester 2 2017

Hi Everyone,


Also running in semester 2 will be Applied Human Rights and Indigenous Peoples 


We look forward to having you learn with us next semester!

The Indigenous Studies Team