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Internship bachelor of Marketing Applied

I am currently doing a Bachelor of Markting applied. Last year I transferred mid year from the advanced diploma, so my subjects are from different years. I would like to know when do I start looking for my internship and will I be given any assistance.

Thank you
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Re: Internship bachelor of Marketing Applied

Definitely need to speak to the people who can help you with program structure and planning - @Mietta from Business Central might be able to point you in the right direction?


As a general rule, it's never to early to start looking at your options, at least. Be aware of the recruitment cycles for interns and when applications open and close - particularly if you want to make your way into one of the "big four" or the mid-tier firms.

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Re: Internship bachelor of Marketing Applied

Hello Stephanie, 


I've raised a Connect call on your behalf to be looked into.

You may also like to send a message to for some advice.

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