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Inviting parents for graduation

Although responded to a different person who had a similar inquiry, would it be possible for RMIT to write a letter, addressing my parents, to join the graduation ceremony? Since the visa process asks for a lot of documentation, that letter would validate the purpose more concretely than the emails. I am only saying this because I really want them to be able to come. Any form of support would be very much appreciated, not that RMIT hasn't done enough for me already Smiley Happy !

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Re: Inviting parents for graduation

Hi Mahnaz

Thank you for your enquiry. 

Unfortuately RMIT does not provide tailored letters for Visa applications. The apply to graduate at the melbourne ceremony and/or confirmation of attendance emails that are sent to graduating students are the only emails provided by RMIT that can be used as supporting documentation for visa purposes. 




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