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It's all about the beats: Free Hip Hop symposium new week @RMIT - amazing line up, join us!

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It's All About the Beats: Therapeutic, Well Being, Cross-Cultural and Educational Applications of Hip Hop Music Production and Culture

Date: 19th September 2017
Time: 1:30pm - 16:30pm
Venue: 80.11.10
Free Entry - register here

This symposium will look at socially conscious Hip-Hop which engages young people through innovative education programs and music therapy. We will focus on Indigenous Hip-Hop as an expression of identity and culture among Indigenous Hip-Hop musicians and delve into how this may resonate with all youth as they interact with family and society.

Dr. Elliot Gann, a psychologist, Hip Hop beat maker, DJ and, Executive Director of Today's Future Sound and community activist based in Oakland, CA will present on the pedagogy and approach using the work of Today's Future Sound in Australia, the U.S. and beyond, as well as a live hands-on Hip Hop beat making demonstration involving audience members and participants.

A panel of experts will faciliate a discussion on hip hop culture, youth and education, sharing their experiences of working with young people and how music can be used as a means to positively engage through innovative education programs

Panel members:

Lady Lash – Hip-Hop and Rap artist
Philly - Hip-Hop artist and MC
Birdz  - Emcee
Dr Katrina Skewes McFerran – Professor, Music Therapy VCA-MCM, University of Melbourne
Dr Alex Crooke – Cultural Studies and Music Therapy in school based arts programmes, VCA-MCM, University of Melbourne
Dr Suzi Hutchings – Indigenous Studies Unit, RMIT University (cultural group Arrernte) 
Neil Morris - Sisters and Brothers program


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