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Leave of Absence

Hello everyone,


I want to take a leave of absence from my program to try a different program here at RMIT. I just wanted to know if that's possible. The program will be at a different school. 



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Re: Leave of Absence

Hi there

That's certainly an option. Firstly, I suggest you have a look at the official RMIT guide to changing programs. 

The process for applying for the leave of absence itself is quite simple. This link explains it. Basically, you just click the link to apply for a leave of absence in your student record (the link to your student record is in Enrolment Online).

You will also want to check to see if you are able to apply for a credit transfer between courses if there are any similarities, you've said they're in different schools but there might be electives you can have credited. This link explains that process.
Thanks for your question!