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Leave of absence

I'll be completing an internship overseas and am enrolled in MIET2066 as a result for semester 1, but I will have to take a leave of absence for semester 2. I was wondering if leave of absence will automatically drop the class I have enrolled in for semester 2? Or will I need to contact someone else about that? I have already notified the course coordinator and he says that in order to drop it I must contact RMIT Connect. 




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If you submit leave of absence before the census date of semester 2, it would drop the courses for semester 2. You will be able to see it reflecting on your EOL.



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Re: Leave of absence

Hi there

You've already passed the last day to add or drop classes online, so dropping a course will require filling out an enrolment variation form. You don't actually need to worry about doing this, however.

This link explains the leave of abesence application process, once the LOA is done, you aren't liable for course fees and your enrolment in all courses will be suspended until the end of the LOA. 
You will need to re-enroll in the courses you've already picked once your LOA is over.
Hope that clears everything up.