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Lecture, Practicals and Tutorials - all are full

Finally, I got my approval for the enforced requisite waiver. So I got enrolled to the subject and went to select the timetable.


Then I found all, Lecture, Practicals and Tutorials are full. I was waiting for my results to put the "enforced requisite waiver". But now another problem. What should I do? I don't have interested to do any other subject. 


Again, even that's the case I'm sure I have to apply for another waiver and wait, wich leads to same results on that subject.


So any advice?

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Re: Lecture, Practicals and Tutorials - all are full

Hi @PradeepP


If you're having problems creating your timetable, log an enquiry via the RMIT Connect portal at You can also call them from on 9925 5000 if you need immediate assistance.

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