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NVIVO licence for students

Can anyone tell me where I can find details for the NVIVO licence we are/were able to use as students?

I used it last year but the licence has now expired and I can't seem to locate the place to download another licence.

I used it independently from 'mydesktop' - was very handy. 

Thanks for any tips. 

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Re: NVIVO licence for students

Hi Tim,


See if this helps:

On the right is a link "Need Software for your device" - it links to a Google doc with the download details.

You need to log in to access the Google doc.


Cheers Mike

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Re: NVIVO licence for students

Thanks Mike - that worked, cheers Tim

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Re: NVIVO licence for students

The Nvivo for Mac license isn't current

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Re: NVIVO licence for students

I've been able to confirm that both the NVIVO mac, and windows licence keys that are displayed in that document are correct.


If you are experiencing issues, please contact ITS Support:


They will be able to help you out Smiley Happy