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Not sure whats happening

I am trying to find my timetable and the group section code given to me on enrolment day is not an option when I search for my timetable. 

Also, I enroled but was never given a 'view confirmation of enrolment' option like the steps said I should. Is this because it asked for my class section, and I used a group section?? I am not sure what my class section is.

Also, how do I know if I've enroled to every course? 



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Re: Not sure whats happening

Hi Sam


Welcome to myCommunity and RMIT.  


A confirmation of enrolment is emailed to a student overnight after they have enrolled.  It is only sent to their RMIT student email though.    


Here is the main timetable page for Vocational and Higher Education students:


The quickest way to check if you have enrolled correctly is to view your Enrolment Program Structure (EPS).  Just enter your program code (found on your Enrolment Online welcome page) in the EPS page through here:


Best wishes for your study this year!