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Outbound and inbound exchange


We have been discussing the exchange process specifically and mobility generally across our admin team in the School. There are a few concerns we would like to address. 


Outbound students are no longer receiving academic advice prior to submitting their study plans to the School. This is creating confusion and more work for students and staff as the plans are being submitted without support documentation and the study maps are consistently needing amendments as students are not offay with how to ensure that they are mapping courses correctly i.e. by credit point or content. Students are choosing institutions that are not aligned to their disciplines so short of mapping all their available electives the maps do not reflect their central discipline studies. I understand that it is not possible to have access to MOBI for staff in Schools. So far this year the majority of study maps we have received have been incorrect or incomplete and have required more work on behalf of the student and staff. 


Inbound students are still struggling as there are only so many places available in 'popular' courses and some arrive onshore without being able to enrol into any courses they wish to whatsoever. I believe for both cohorts this is not the best service we can give them. 


My suggestion is reworking the model so that the agreements with international partners are tightened by discipline. If it is not possible to have the agreements between Schools it would at least assist all involved if the agreements were held in the relevant colleges for relevant disciplines. This way courses could be directly mapped with relevant institutions for which the Schools already have course guides etc. This would also assist in building consistency and contingencies for when amendments are required. It would reduce the workload of all involved. Students who are able to do electives overseas would be the only exception. 





This suggestion also takes into account belonging as students who are between Schools on often have difficulty getting to grips with our systems. A much better experience would be to feel part of a School or College. 








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Re: Outbound and inbound exchange

Hi Pix,


We would be happy to discuss our processes and get any feedback and suggestions - please email us at so we can set up a meeting.