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Pokemon GO at RMIT

Hard to believe nobody has posted about this yet! 


Who here plays? Anyone managed to take over any of the Gyms around campus?


My highest CP is a 539 Golbat. Not quite ready to challenge.



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Re: Pokemon GO at RMIT

I play!


Starmie is my highest!



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Re: Pokemon GO at RMIT

Vaporeon FTW!!







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Re: Pokemon GO at RMIT

@anita nice work on the Vaporeon


I found this calculator which you can use to level up by popping a lucky egg and mass evolving your pidgeys.


It figures out the number of Pidgeys you transfer for candy, vs the number you keep to evolve.

You transfer the approriate number, then pop the lucky egg, then spam the evolve and reap the XP.


I don't know how many Pidgeys you'd want to harvest before it was worth doing this. The egg lasts for 30 minutes, so I guess you could probably eveolve like 60 in that time?