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Question about Graduation Certification

Dear RMIT Connect office,

I just finished my major and will go to work in couple of days later. I would like to know how to get the temporary graduate certification or some paper to prove that I am RMIT student for my working issues.

In addition, to get this certificate, am I in charged any fee? If yes, could you kindly tell me where to pay?
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Re: Question about Graduation Certification

Hi there
the best option in your situation may be to get a transcript printed, which will cost at least $30. This link explains everything you need to know about accessing your transcripts. Otherwise, you can contact your program admin for an email confirming that you have graduated your course, if something unnoficial will suffice. Otherwise, you can just wait for your testamur to arrive, which usually takes about 6 weeks. This link explains how to apply to graduate, if you haven't already done that.