RMIT Connect
RMIT Connect

RMIT Connect is now on myCommunity

Greetings, all. It’s our great pleasure to announce that RMIT Connect is now an active, living, breathing part of myCommunity!


We will now be online across the working week and keeping an eye out for questions that need our assistance. We won’t be too micro-manage-y on the forum, because we want to give conversation a chance to naturally develop, but we will be there to help if you need us. Please feel free to tag us into threads if you specifically want us to look at something. (We’re still setting up profiles, and will let you know who’s who ASAP).


We’ll also happily pass on any feedback or ideas you might have.


We’re definitely not here to shut down any kind of criticism or vigorous debate about RMIT. However, any posts about how much you preferred UniMelb or Monash will make us cry... all the way to our conveniently-located city centre train station.

RMIT Comms guru, professionally lurking on myCommunity, googling cat gifs, and occasionally even answering questions and being helpful.

RMIT Connect monitors these forums at 10am and 2pm every day, but please call for urgent matters.

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