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RPL Supporting documents



I'd like to apply for RPL, based on industry experience, for a few courses in MC235 program. 

Apart from filling out the form, what other type of supporting documents (like resume, project portfolio, demonstrations etc) do I need to attach to better help the assessing team in establishing relevancy, equivalence etc? 


I am looking at technical courses like Industrial Automation, Electrical Energy Conversion, Project Preparation Planning, etc...


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Re: RPL Supporting documents

Having gotten RPL for the Master of Engineering (Mechanical) myself, and worked in student admin for years, the best advice I can give is to work backwards. Don't start thinking about the resume or letter from a previous employer - instead, look at the courses that you think you already have covered in your work history. Open the course guide for each one ( for Electrical Energy Conversion, for example) and scroll straight down to the section Objectives/Learning Outcomes.  The really relevant section is the one that says:


Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to:

• Describe and explain the principles of various electrical energy conversion systems used in industrial and domestic applications
• Design a diode rectifier, a thyristor converter and a dc-dc switch mode converter
• Identify and reduce the impact of power electronic systems on the power system and load
• Calculate the power and other characteristic quantities in a power conversion system


(I don't know any of that - just that flux capacitators all require 1.21 gigawatts of power).


Then, think about the best way to show that you've attained these skills - a letter counter-signed by an employer would probably be best, because it will allow you to reference each capability.


Finally, it's probably best to speak to the School directly - see They'll be able to put you in touch with the person who assesses RPL for that particular program and they will be able to best advise.

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