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Replaced already captured student photo

I have a student not happy with the photo taken by his webcam. It was a rush job where he didn't realise it was taken and looks terrible.

Is there any way to replace the photo with a better one and get reissued with a student card. I think he will be happy to pay the replacement cost of $25. Thank you.

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Re: Replaced already captured student photo

 Unfortunately unless the photo quality is so bad that it can not be used to identfy you (in which case it shouldn't have gotten approved to begin with) then I don't think they allow for the photo to be updated.


I contacted RMIT connected about replacing my photo a month ago because the quality of the photo looked terrible due to having to shrink it to be able to upload it and got the following response,


@RMIT wrote:

Thanks for contacting RMIT Connect. While I understand that you may not be fond of the photo on your student card due to having to resize it prior to uploading, after checking the photo card system today, it appears that the photo is suitable for the purpose of recognising you as a student.