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Replacing a 'University Elective' course with a 'Mechanical Option' course ?

I'm a B.Eng (Mechanical) student who have to take two University Electives and two Mechanical Option courses next year. However, for the University Electives, i'm planning to take only one course (OENG1165) from the University electives list, and for the another one i want to take a Mechanical Option course (AUTO1006) instead of a University Elective course. So, next year, what i'm planning to do is to take 1 University Elective + 3 Mechanical Options instead of taking 2 University Electives + 2 Mechanical Options as recommended in the program structure. And i will apply Credit Transfer for the AUTO1006 course so it can be classified as a University Elective in my transcript. The question is, Will i be allowed to do this ?