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Research Assistant (PAID!)

Hi, I am after a research assistant for my masters. Aviation airworthiness engineering.


What I want is some one whe can take all the references I use and put them in the correct format to satisfy the RMIT Harvard reference style. ( its a pain in the backside job and I hate it!)


So, the deal is, I write the research paper, put in where I found everything ( or where I need you to go and find what I already know  - but can't find a source for) and you do the grunt work on the refererence/endnote stuff putting all the little commas n fullstops n italics in the correct place...that I can't get to work and frankly cant be bothered with.  


I will pay for time and effort to do this simple ( for a competent "you") task.


So if you are an ace at finding things in the library/databaes  and endnote, great. 


We can discuss hourly rates if you are suitable.



Captain A330 

China Southern








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Re: Research Assistant (PAID!)

Heres and example of what I mean - convert all these to the correct format for example.