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Resubmission of assignment



HI! Anyone knows what will happen if you submitted your essay twice when you are only allowed to submit once base on the requirement? 


Will you get penalised or they will just take the 1st submission ?

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Re: Resubmission of assignment

Hi @Carroty


You're best to inquire with your lecturer directly for clarification on this.

From an IT perspective: it's possible to set up submissions links through the blackboard as "single sttempt only", "multiple attempts" or "unlimited attempts". It greatly depends on how your lecturer has intended to set up the assessment and which attempt they intend to grade from.

Hope this helps a bit.



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Re: Resubmission of assignment

Depends on whether you've submitted a changed version of the assignment after the due date or not, too. But generally speaking, it's up to the lecturer and they're generally pretty chilled about honest mistakes.

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