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SMART STUFF Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions


How is my feedback managed?

Smart Stuff is the evolution of Silly Stuff, with enhanced functions for more open dialogue and the ability for people to promote each other’s ideas and solution. Ideas will be crowd-sourced if you see an idea you like – vote for it.

We have partnered with key people from across the University to give you an informed response and a Smart Stuff steering committee will select ideas for implementation. Please click here for details on how ideas will be reviewed.


What happened to the staff feedback provided through the Silly Stuff site?

Silly Stuff was set up to support RMIT’s Ready For Life and Work Strategic Plan. We’ve made the move to this new platform, decommissioned the Silly Stuff site and have kept a master record of the submissions we received through the initiative.


I submitted an idea on Silly Stuff and it wasn’t implemented – what happened to it?

Silly Stuff collected over 1400 posts and 73 percent of the ideas raised have now been actioned or are part of larger pieces of work that are still being progressed. 


Part of the reason for moving to the Smart Stuff platform was to enable transparency, and make the process of prioritisation more visible to everyone.


For a variety of reasons not every idea is able to be implemented, but every idea will be reviewed and will get a response.

If you have an idea that was previously posted on Silly Stuff and wasn’t actioned you are welcome to include it on Smart Stuff for review.  The new features such as voting and commenting allow us to gauge the level of support in the RMIT community.


Are my personal details visible on Smart Stuff?

Only your profile name is visible to the Smart Stuff community. The Smart Stuff Community Team is also able to view your RMIT email address and we may follow up with you if we’d like to get further details about your idea.


How do I switch of email notifications?


We encourage you to subscribe to posts you make so you can stay updated on responses and the progress of your idea. When you make a post, tick the box underneath 'Email me when someone replies'.


If you wish to change your settings for what notifications you get, follow these steps:
- Log in to Smart Stuff
- Click the Menu icon in the top right hand corner 
- Select "My Profile"
- Scroll down to select Manage Settings
- Select "Subscriptions & Bookmarks"
- Select "Notification Settings" and make any adjustments you want


Don't hesitate to get in contact if you need assistance managing your settings.


How do I find my submissions?

To see all posts you have submitted click on the yellow search button on the myCommunity page.

This will take you to the ‘Search’ page where you can select the ‘users’ (above the search box). Write your username in the search box and then click enter. Your profile should appear in the search box below. You will then be able to click and view your post submissions.


Can a student post on Smart Stuff?

Currently only RMIT staff members can submit on Smart Stuff.


Can I delete my submission?

You are able to edit your submission for four hours after it has been posted. Due to record-keeping integrity, only moderators can delete a submission. If you would like to edit or remove a post after the four hour window please contact


Can I share my submission with a colleague?

Yes. Share a submission by tagging your colleague using their username, for example, @JohnSmith.


I have seen something I think is inappropriate, how do I contact the community manager?

If you have seen something you deem inappropriate, you can report content by clicking on the idea and clicking ‘Options’. From the drop down menu select 'Report Inappropriate Content'. You can then notify a moderator.

Alternatively, you can also contact the team at and include a link to the idea.


I want access to Smart Stuff data for my report, how do I do this?

We will endeavour to assist with this, please contact


Who do I contact if I have questions about Smart Stuff?

You can contact the Smart Stuff Community Team at