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Some exciting changes to the community!

Hi all,


Nearly four months ago, we launched this community as a 'pilot', providing a place to get answers to your technology questions from fellow students and staff.

We've been busy since then, listening to your feedback and working behind the scenes on new features and updates.


If you've been here for a while, you'll notice a few changes to the layout of the site. We've moved a few things around to make it easier to find what you want, and we will continue to do this in response to your ongoing feedback.




The biggest change however, is to the scope of the community...


Introducing: myCommunity!


myCommunity is now the place to discuss all aspects of RMIT - not just technology!


Got a question about studying abroad? Go check out the International section...

Looking for recommendations from other students on accomodation? Post a thread in the General Dicussion area...



We'll be adding new designated areas in response to the conversations which are taking place, so go on and start a New ThreadSmiley Very Happy


Michael, Community Manager
RMIT, Information Technology Services