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Student Access Card | Level of Access

Hi myCommunity Team!


I have scoured every RMIT internal website that I know of to try and find out the answer to this, so I am here as a last resort hoping that somebody (probably much) smarter than me could help me out.


I had my student card programmed by security recently, and I wanted to know what level of acces I had eg. what buldings I had access too after hours?


I also wanted to add that sometimes when I book a meeting room (usually in building 8 or 80), the door is sometimes locked and when I swipe my access card it still doesnt give me access even though I have booked the meeting room for that time slot! Security told me to call them every time I wanted access and they would send somebody down but I hoped there would be another way.


Anyways, thanks in advance for reading this long winded question Robot Happy





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Re: Student Access Card | Level of Access

Looking for the same answer. Is it possible to check the access permission of your own card?


I guess ... there is no such a service, but from my experience, the people at security service can check it manually for you.

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Re: Student Access Card | Level of Access

Have you ever gone and asked? If you have then I won't have to (and it'll be a bit hard for me because I am leaving for Europe in 1 day haha)