#Student Ambassador# Final tips what may help you

Hey guys, it's my great honour to be one of the student ambassador this year.
As final is coming (really scary I know), I wanna offer you a few tips in regards to how to survive during the final period.
1. Ensuring good sleeping quality is really importantSmiley Wink So I would suggest you to drink a cup of milk and take a hot bath before sleeping. If u r toooo stressed even a bit freaked out, u may try a bit stress relieve pills(natural type) from chemist warehouse.
2. No matter how stressed you are, please please please ensure u r eating well and sleeping enough. Trust me, enough sleeping time and nutrition help you better during exams rather than overnight studying! 😑
3. Be prepared with exam time and venues. Personalised exam timetable has been released on RMIT (just on your homepage 🌝), u can print and bring it or save a screen shot in your phone. You may also print a Showgrounds map if necessary (for people who has no sense of direction like me...). Sorry for saying so many words. Bless u all in the final exams! Good luck🏻🏻🏻!