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Student Timetabling 2017

If you are having issues with your timetables, it can be caused by the following:


1. Have just completed your enrollment into the desired course?

Answer : Your timetables will display 48 hours after you have completed your enrollment.


2. I can see my timetables listed, however there is no space available in the desired lecture,tutorial or lectorial.

Answer: You will need to contact the Timetableing Support team on +61 9925 5000 


3. I can see my timetables, however there is nothing listed for the desired lecture, tutorial or lectorial.

Answer: Some lecture, tutorial or lectorials are not timetabled yet. You will need to contact the school directly or if advised - the times will become available early into the semester.


Students are now able to log Timetabling enquiries from the RMIT Connect portal:
Timetabling have 4 forms currently available on the portal:
- Classes are full
- Clashes
- Managing my timetables (STS); and
- General Timetabling enquiry


**if you need further help with your timetables please lookfor further information on the Timetableing Support team on +61 9925 5000  > Select the level of study relevant to you > Timetabling

Smokin_Barry, ITS