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TImetable clash BUSM3249 & BUSM4504

I emailed the listed email to settle timetable clashes in the FAQ section, but received a robo-reply saying the inbox wasn’t monitored any more, and to redirect inquiries here.
I’ve enrolled in BUSM3249 People & Organisations and BUSM4504 Professional HRM Practices as part of the Grad Cert of HRM in Semester 2 2017. I was looking at the timetable for the class and there appears to be a seminar clash between these two subjects: 'People & Organisations' scheduled for Mondays 18:30, and ‘Professional HRM Practices’ is scheduled on the same day at 17:30. 
There are no alternative times available on Allocate+, and the course is a set of 4 units so I am unable to choose a different unit to resolve the clash (not to mention I don’t think anyone would want to delay a single unit to be completed in S1 2018). Anyone else studying this course full time this semester will have the same clash.
I have emailed the coordinators of each course to see if they can get the ball rolling, but thought I might post here as well.

Re: TImetable clash BUSM3249 & BUSM4504

Better go to students hub, or emailing timetabling office.
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Re: TImetable clash BUSM3249 & BUSM4504


If you go to RMIT Connect FAQs you will get redirected to a page where you can log your clash so someone can look at it. 

See: - there is a link on this page that lets you submit an enquiry about your clash.