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Timetable - Enrolling in a new Subject

Hello, I finished my timetable the day they came out, but unfourtunatly i have enrolled in the wrong subject. I am now enrolled in a different subject and have unenrolled in the wrong one. The timetabling system though, doesnt show my new subject and the time i can go in for my tutorials and lecture. How do i change my timetable? Thank you Smiley Happy 

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Re: Timetable - Enrolling in a new Subject

Hi @Abbiw, I feel your pain... I just enrolled in a new course yesterday because my old course was cancelled at short notice due to lack of student enrolments. No timetable yet! It generally flows through the systems overnight.


Good news is, you can view the read-only timetable at, and you can also quickly contact the course coordinator if you need to confirm room level and number. Hopefully, however, by the time you've woken up and stirred your morning coffee your timetable will be populated and ready...

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