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Timetable full

Hi, I have a trouble that the timetable of one course are all full, so i cannot choose the time. How can i do ?

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Re: Timetable full

Hi Ellen
If that's the case, I suggest that you contact Timetabling Services at or on 03 9925 3035, they will be able to help you out with this issue. 
Thanks for the question! 


Re: Timetable full

Hello Ellen, 

Due to an unexpected increase in student numbers we have been experiencing some issues that may have impacted your ability to timetable into some courses.

The Schools are working towards a resolution as quickly as possible to ensure that you can timetable as soon as possible.

Your timetable may not be available immediately as we are in the process of sourcing additional teaching space to accommodate all students.

We apologise for the Inconvenience this has caused. Please be assured that we are working through these issues as a matter of priority to make sure that you can timetable as soon possible.



Team Leader
Student Enrichment Services - College of Business