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I've just created my timetable for a Bachelor of Fashion design Honours, and on two of the subjects i click on them to select a time for my class and it comes up with..

"there are no activities to pick from at this time. Please check with your course co-ordinator for more information"

What does this mean????

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Re: Timetable

I'm having the exact same issue with Bachlor of Arts (Textile Deisgn). It wont let me select a lecture and a tutorial. 

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Re: Timetable

If it says please check with your Course Coordinator ("course" is RMIT-speak for "subject"), then you need to check the course details for the Course Coordinator's contact details. Easiest way to do this is to go into Enrolment Online, find your chosen subject, click on the subject name and the course details should pop up in a new tab.

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