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University wide organisational chart

It would be great to have a whole of university organisational chart.


I would imagine this would be on the intranet as part of the staff directory page.


This would help identify people and the management chain with the potential to go up and down the management chain and to see people in the same team.


Having started a few months ago it would have been handy to have a clear idea of what the organisation looked like and would make it easier even today to figure out who fits where.


Re: University wide organisational chart

Hi @Alexia


You can try the following page from the website:


Hopefully it will be comprehensive enough for what you're looking for =)




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Re: University wide organisational chart

Hi Ahutch0 – I don’t believe this is uptpo date (Industry Engagement as a Portfolio is missing).


While it has how each portfolio fits within each other i am looking for more detail.


For example the names of individuals and how they fit into the reporting line.


For example – I am a senior advisor and I report to an associate director (insert name here) and they report to a director (insert name here).


I suppose what I am looking for is a hierarchy matrix.