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Welcome to myCommunity

Welcome to myCommunity!


This is a place for students and staff of RMIT to ask questions, provide answers, share ideas, and more than anything: connect with the RMIT community.


If you’re just getting started here, you can find a few helpful guides here.



If you’d like to know more about the community guidelines, you can take a look here.




If you don’t know where to start, why not start by saying hi?


I’ll start.


I’m Michael.

I work in RMIT’s IT Services.

As you can see, my side-hustle is Community Manager of RMIT’s myCommunity.


Hope you like it. After all, it’s your community. : )

Michael, Community Manager
RMIT, Information Technology Services
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Re: Welcome to myCommunity


chetana here

i want to know when will be orientation for my course

and i didnt get timetable for my course yet