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Welcome to myCommunity

Welcome to myCommunity!


This is a place for students and staff of RMIT to ask questions, provide answers, share ideas, and more than anything: connect with the RMIT community.


If you’re just getting started here, you can find a few helpful guides here.



If you’d like to know more about the community guidelines, you can take a look here.




If you don’t know where to start, why not start by saying hi?


I’ll start.


I’m Michael.

I work in RMIT’s IT Services.

As you can see, my side-hustle is Community Manager of RMIT’s myCommunity.


Hope you like it. After all, it’s your community. : )

Michael, Community Manager
RMIT, Information Technology Services
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Re: Welcome to myCommunity


chetana here

i want to know when will be orientation for my course

and i didnt get timetable for my course yet

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Re: Welcome to myCommunity

Hi Michael! I am new to RMIT via OUA. I just wanted to flag that a couple of links didn't work as I was going through some of the orientation materials sent this week i.e., View Library Collections and Databases A-Z so far. Not sure if this is something for me to raise here or do I need to address this issue to someone else?

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Re: Welcome to myCommunity

HI Kulot13,


Sorry about the broken links. Some redirects that were in place for an older system have stopped working.


You can find all the Library resources at


Can you send the details about the orientation information via


I will contact the authors and ask for the links to be updated. Let me know if the information is in Canvas or in another source.



Library Mike (not the MyCommunity Mike)

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Re: Welcome to myCommunity

Hi Michael my name is Cathy and unfortunately there are a few links that would not open for me.

Glad to know I am not the only one.

I am sure it is really temporary.



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Re: Welcome to myCommunity

HI Cathy,


Sorry to hear that. Can you please report any broken links on the Library website via the website feedback form. Or if we can help with advice on any of the Library services contact us through Ask the Library.


Regards Mike