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What Do You Do Outside Uni?

Firstly, I hope that this is in the right thread.


I am Brenden and I am currently doing a Graduate Certificate in International Business. Outside of my course, I do volunteer work at a homework club and on occassions, I do extra work (you would've seen me in the lecture scene in the pilot of Ronny Chieng: International Student). I also do some writing, and enter writing competitions. So I am interested to know what do you do outside uni?

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Re: What Do You Do Outside Uni?

Hi Brenden! 


My names Nhuan. Outside of RMIT life I do a lot of activities. I love cycling so I get upto as much of that as possible. I also really love yoga and my favorite studio at the moment is westsideyoga in seddon. I also love playing the guitar but that's become much more of a hobby than a serious pursuit lately. I also love travelling and I've actually recently returned from 6 months abroad. I spent my time in Europe, India & Vietnam. I actually also did a recent volunteering teaching english to under priveledged kids in Vietnam. My favorite activity whilst travelling was walking the camino. I spent 45 days walking 900kms through Spain! Definitely a journey I would recommend for anyone seeking adventure and soul nourishment. 


Thanks for the post Brendan and starting this conversation.


Re: What Do You Do Outside Uni?

Hi @Noosta and @indigohex,


Great idea to say something about ourselves!


What do I do outside university? I love going for a run and a bike ride, getting some fresh air is a good thing. I love travelling, if I could I would do travel and explore all the time. But I need to come home and look after my bees. I keep bees as a way to help the envirnoment, I do have some honey from them but that's not my main reason why I keep them. They are just facinating!