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Wish to enroll into a course which has been full



My name is Gilang Ridho Utama, I'm a student of B.Eng Mechanical Engineering. I'm highly passionate to enrol into the Electrical Principles (EEET2276) course for the elective of my second year (semester 2 2018). However, when i look at the enrolment choices, i found that this course which i really want to be enrolled in has been full, which makes me unable to enrol through the RMIT Enrolment Online. This makes me feel really sad and depressed, because this is an elective course that i really hope can be taken in semester 2 2018, and also because i'm as a mechanical engineering student also wants to extend my knowledge into electrical and electronics engineering area.


Now, the question that i want to ask, is there any possibility that i can enrol into this course although it has been full ?? Please suggest me some ways to enrol into this course.... I will highly appreciate your suggestions and try those suggestions as soon as possible... 


Thank You for your time and consideration...

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Re: Wish to enroll into a course which has been full

Hi GilangRidho,


I recommend speaking to the Academic Services team at your school, they are location in 10.09.

However if the course is an elective (not part of your core program enrolment structure), then it is likely they will suggest for you to just enrol in the course in an another semester.