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finding a staff member

Ive been searching the RMIT website for hours trying to find the course coordinator of the double degree of  Bachelor of Social Work/Psychology. Can someone please help me? 

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Re: finding a staff member

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Have you tried viewing the staff contacts in your program's blackboard shell? 


If the information is not located there, you can contact your school to find out this information.

You can visit the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies Contact Page on the RMIT website. 


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Re: finding a staff member

Unfortunately Google is often better at finding things on the RMIT website than the search function on the site. I Googled the programs you mentioned and 'coordinator', and found this: The person listed on this page is the program manager for the entire program. To find a course coordinator, you might have luck following the same process with the specific course name.


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Re: finding a staff member

To avoid the Google search, the enrolment program structures can be searched on the RMIT site from:


The program structures contain links to the course guides which contain course coordinator details. Course guides can also be searched from:





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Re: finding a staff member

Course Coordinators are generally responsible for a particular course or courses. If you type the eight character course code into the search box on the RMIT website, you should be able to find the Course Guide for the particular course you are after. The Course Guide will always list the Course Coordinator, along with contact details.